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Krissy Liu

Xiangtan Electric Locomotive Factory Co., Ltd. was founded in Xiangtan city Hunan Province in 1995, and changed to current name in 2000. It is a supplier of machinery, industrial parts and service to various clients world over. Registered capital and paid-in capital are both 78 million. The company covers the area of 66,000 square metre and has 284 employees including 25 people top R&D team and 20 people Q&C team.

Our brand SHALO is a well-known trademark in China. The self-made ratio of our products exceeds 90%, and both motors and lead-acid batteries are produced by ourselves. We are the only electric locomotive manufacturer in China that produces its own motors and batteries. The products have obtained ISO9001, ISO45001, OHSMS, CE certification. We have independent intellectual property rights of domestic leading technologies such as IGBT step-less speed regulating systems, hydraulic drive systems, AC variable frequency converters, dual-motor traction control system, unmanned driving control system, rail-mounted luxury manned locomotive and battery variable frequency fast electric locomotive and so on.